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On this episode, I talked about why I changed my mind on IFTTT posts, what I think about buying a franchise, and Daymond John makes an appearance to ask a question.



#QOTD: Has me personally responding to you impacted how you feel about me? Whether it was on Twitter, email or Snapchat.

0:59 – This IFTTT stuff has been out for a while and you used to be against it. Why change?
4:59 – What are your thoughts on buying a franchise business?
6:50 – Lots on people on Snapchat don’t let followers Snap them. If personal brands don’t use it as two way street, are they missing the point?
9:54 – You invest in so many people and businesses, how do you ensure they’re applying the Power of Broke?
15:22 – Have you ever released a subpar product or service? If so, why? What did you learn from it?