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#QOTD: Give me your 2 cents on the “One is Greater Than Zero” Film.

01:48 – On Facebook the separate business pages are easy to handle, on Twitter I can switch between accounts on my iphone with ease, but Instagram (!!!!), do I need separate accounts that the app hasn’t made it easy to handle, or is there a way to successfully use one account for all 3 things without it being sh*t, jumbled and ineffective?
03:59 – They say you should hire slow and fire quick…how many chances do you give your staff?
06:55 – Do you think brands need to be represented across ALL social platforms? Or just the most popular ones?
08:51 -I import wines from Le #Marche Italy and sell via ecomm & thru distributors. Currently focusing on obtaining new distribution and have fallen behind on the ecomm side. Question: what % of my time should be split between each side of the business/what’s a good way to balance the 2?
11:21 – I’m smiling in this pic but really I’m holding back tears and my heart is heavy cause Seahawks lost and I bet 225, 225…That’s like 4 Xbox games and a Arizona. I’ve listened to Drake, The Weeknd, Jhene Aiko, and even PartyNextDoor but the pain is too much, how do I cope?


I’ve talked about not being crippled by hiring anybody, because if they aren’t good you can just fire them. But for the first 15 years of my career I was not good with this. I hated it, there is nothing positive to firing anyone, I would always justify an excuse for them. I’ve learned that in the long run, letting someone go is better for both parties.

One thing that I’m very proud of here at Vaynermedia and Winelibrary is that when an employee is let go, people aren’t surprised because they could already feel it coming. A question to ask yourself is do you have the emotional EQ? and the people skills to do the firing?

If not, find someone who does and hire them to take that position. As I always say, work on your strengths.