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QOTD (not really a question): Take a screenshot of the home screen on your phone right now and tweet it at me, @garyvee. I want to see the apps that dominate your day.

1:37 – You’ve done two long format web shows in a world where gurus advise keeping online videos short and sweet. What gives?
3:30 – As a speaker, you rarely use filler words and you hardly ever lose your train of thought on stage, or in front of the camera. Can you provide insight into how you’ve nurtured your public speaking chops besides just hustling on stage?
5:52 – In 2015, I am looking to get 1000 people to try my healthy energy drink product. What would be the best way to sample out to 1000 people by the end of the year?
6:35 – What’s the deal with Facebook’s video push? Will they become a rival for YouTube as a monetized video platform?
9:08 – What’s your take on subscription box services? Any predictions? Also…any advice on upping the hustle with a newborn?!?

How to ask a question:…

How have I had two long format web shows in a world where things should be kept short? It’s quite simple really. The thing is, when it comes to content, quality trumps everything. Back in the day, companies like Yahoo would fly me out to their headquarters to try and help then figure out their long format shows. Why was WineLibraryTV doing so well? The real answer was easy: quality is quality is quality. If I can put out a fifteen or thirty minute show and captive an audience, then it has a chance of doing well. If I can’t, then it won’t. It’s not complicated. There are plenty of shit fourteen second videos. There are plenty of “never get off the ground” one minute shows. You’ll watch a three hour movie cause it’s good, but you will not watch a fifteen second commercial because it’s crap.

The length is not the variable in determining the quality. Neither is the sound or lighting or production. It is the message, the message, the message.

But of course having DRock around has made stuff much better. ūüôā