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Here’s How to Dominate Video on Every Major Platform

1. Snapchat

All I care about is the attention of the consumer: where are they spending their time? Snapchat gets your undivided attention while your finger is on the screen, so it’s certainly up there. It’s also one of the only places you do creative on top of the video. There is so much going on; check out the above video for some tips.

2. Twitter

This is a newer one, but it’s really exciting me. Don’t forget that Twitter has a bit of an attention problem right now, so having video in the feed will certainly help with catching your followers and making them stop the scroll. What else do I think? Press play above.

3. Facebook

Facebook is the greatest data company of all time for marketers. If I want to make a video, I can target it specifically to the people interested in it. And that’s called not wasting people’s time. Only the people who give a crap about it will see it.

4. Instagram

This is the number one platform for attention right now, but video is not native to it. We see that in the data; people interact with photos far more than video. But what’s the upside? Listen in the video above…

Hope you found these videos to be helpful! Check me out on my YouTube channel for more content that will help make you awesome at social.