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#QOTD: What was the biggest miss of your career?

2:33 – There is buzz around Pinterest advertising and they are slowly letting in business accounts. Are you optimistic?
4:20 – Like you, I believe there is so much to be gained from social media. But what do you think we have lost/are in danger of losing?
8:18 – I have been in sales for over 20 years. I have excelled with my service and ability to read a customer (body language, facial expressions, mood). But how do I read a customer body language and mood over a computer screen?
11:17 – Why did you decide to start a services business (your agency) instead of your own media company? A media company seems like it would be a natural fit.
13:48 – What usually prompts you to walk away from/turn down/know when to say no to great opportunities?

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We haven’t talked enough about Pinterest on this show. I am a huge believer in Pinterest’s product. You might have noticed recently that they’ve created a term of service in which you can’t do affiliate sales. I think that means that they are going to be running that for themselves. If you start thinking about the amount of commerce that goes on on Pinterest, even if thye make 5% of every transaction, it could easily be one of the 5 to 10 top companies in revenue in the digital space.

Like I said, I’m a big believer in the business. We’ve seen great results already in a company that my fund, VaynerRSE, is incubating: Faith Box. We ran some promoted pins to great success. We’re also definitely seeing it in clients here at Vayner. Wine Library, same thing. I’m massively bullish. In fact, I think that Pinterest’s ad product is going to be huge. 18 months from today, we will come back to this video and create a piece of content to talk about this video where I make this claim: Pinterest’s ad product is a MAJOR competitor to Google AdWords for e-comm businesses. There. I said it.

I highly recommend you look into the service if you’re selling something on a dot-com. Get serious about understanding the product. Now.

*Also, let it be noted that Stunwin ACTUALLY created an event invite for 18 months from today ūüôā