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#QOTD, PART 1: Would you “televise” anything on Meerkat or Periscope consistently?
#QOTD, PART 2: How much time in a 24-hour day would you allocate to watching something live on one of those platforms?

2:36 – When do you shift from hiring a freelancer to hiring someone for full time?
3:51 – What’s your travel schedule like to and from the office? Car, train, Uber, walk? How do you spend that time?
5:43 – Disney’s Magic Band: how do you see this space evolving? What do you think about the necessity for these online/offline bridge technologies?
8:45 – Many of your jabs and right hooks reach your b2c audience (wine and books), but how does it impact b2b?
12:14 – Which industries do you think will leverage Meerkat the best? Who is their target user?

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Meerkat vs. Periscope:…

What do I think about Disney investing in the Magic Band, and the future of wearable tech in general? You know the answer. This is an interesting question because this is the kind of future that is inevitable. Smart, wearable technologies is going to eat up the world. Everything in the world will be smart. All of it. ALL of it. Your shirt. Your pants. Your underwear. Your socks. It’s all coming over the next ten to twenty to thirty years.

It allows things that are physical to go so much further in the digital world. The layering and ammo that this gives Disney in that upfront investment is extraordinary. The recall, the content pushing out, the unlocking new virtual features – all of a sudden now, they have the ability to change the flow of the park. One of the things that I am most fascinated by right now as a retailer is efficiency. Efficiency everywhere. In an airport, an amusement park, or a retail store. Where do you know there are always going to be congested areas? Then, where are the places people just aren’t going? Now imagine slapping some technology on a rock all the way in left field that requires people to go there. Now you’re moving people there, making less lines. People are buying more food; even a fourth of a hot dog adds up to a lot.

Those are the things you need to be thinking about. The Apple Watch is going to be a game changer whether it is successful or not. I do have one on pre-order, and I think that buzzing on your body that saves you time (and you know how I feel about time) from looking at your phone is super huge. If it clicks the way the smartphone did, you’ll start having people at scale with it. The watch.

Look at it for your business if you produce stuff. As an investor, I’m looking at companies getting involved in it.