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#QOTD: I need YOUR eBay story. Go in depth. I’m reading all the comments this weekend.

1:39 – Will people pay to have questions answered by experts through live video apps, like Fountain?
4:59 – What 3 questions do you most commonly ask your clients when meeting them for the first time?
8:31 – 3 seconds counting as a view for Facebook video…moderately misleading metric or incredibly bullshit metric?
10:12 – What’s your best piece of advice for a first generation American entrepreneur, venturing out on her own, away from her family business?
12:40 – Do you think eBay will become irrelevant if they don’t innovate?

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People will pay for anything…if they perceive it has value. If there was an #AskGaryVee Show in 1967 and I got a question like this, I’d say something like “Hey groovy cats, it’s the AskGaryVee Show. Dawn, your question is like asking if people will pay for water. No way!” That would be the WRONG answer. What happened was that Poland Springs, and probably a lot of brands before Poland Springs, came along and convinced people that bottled water had value. Here’s a fun weekend activity: go ask your grandparents what they thought about the idea of people paying for water.

In fact, think about how you feel. A $4 bottle of water in an airport? We’ve all done it. It’s an absolute brain twist.

So yes, people will pay for answers from experts on live streaming apps. Even though you can watch now for free, people will stay end up paying down the road.

Now the question is: are you good enough to charge people? Have you built up equity? Have you put in the WORK?

And more importantly, how many people have built up that presence and have the charisma and ability to charge per answer.

The people that have pulled it off have had to be in an interesting part of their career, or they really enjoyed it. I love Q&As so much that I do this show for me. Do you have the chops to make it happen for you?