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#QOTD: Who will win the Stanley Cup, and who will win the NBA finals? I need both answers. If someone gets both, you get a prize. I’m in prize mode. I’m Oprahed-out.

2:16 – Will QR codes ever really take off?
4:28 – What’s your take on what Jay-Z is trying to do with Tidal? Do you think it will work?
6:59 – Did you decide you wanted to sell your services to the big Fortune 500 companies vs consumers first and then come up with VaynerMedia? In other words: did you choose who you wanted to sell to first to maximize your profits and then come up with the business model?
9:08 – I quit my job and am doing a 59-week trip to visit all 59 National Parks and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. How can I use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media to get sponsorships?
10:50 – How will Instagram evolve in the future?

13:47 – Star Wars or Star Trek?