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#QOTD: Finish the sentence: “Cash is _________ .”

2:03 – I have an app idea, with my target market willing to test it, but I need to create the app and I’m not a programmer. Any advice?
3:27 – What are bad habits you had and overcame, and how did overcoming them aid your growth as an entrepreneur?
5:07 – How can I prevent angel investors interested in investing in my enterprise, from potentially stealing our IP?
6:58 – Which marketing vehicles are working best to grow the businesses of the startups you’ve invested in?
9:37 – What would you prioritize as a one person business?

When people start their pitches to me by saying “But first, please sign this NDA so our ideas don’t get stolen”, I immediately check out. Why? Because if you actually think in 2015 that your idea is so profound and nobody has ever thought of it, then you are lost in the reality of the marketplace. If that is your mindset, I don’t see that as a winning mindset. Starting now, 2015 and beyond, the days of patenting ideas, IP being stolen, are gone. Every idea has been thought of. All of them. I mean it.

Now, people actually executing on those ideas? That is the big one now. You need to have the right resources, be in the right place in your career, have energy, skills, opportunities: those are the variables. Not the ideas.