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Super excited to be back doing Tea with GaryVee with the community! Today’s episode was packed with lots tactical value and great conversations with nine guests — from scaling a startup business to content strategy and making the most of your marketing budget (and much, much more)! 

For those who don’t know, Tea with GaryVee is a Q&A show I started back during the height of the pandemic as a way to set aside some time to go deep and bring some real value to all of you. 

Here are some highlights from today’s episode on Tuesday, 9/26 – as always, hope you enjoy!

2:35 — How do you “be the bigger person” without rewarding bad behavior?

10:15 — A) In the first 1-2 years of a startup business with limited cash flow, how should one allocate their marketing dollars? B) How did you acquire good talent in the early days of VaynerMedia?

15:05 — If you were building a mocktail business, what would you do to scale the business?

19:14 — What’s the best way to market a brand mascot?

22:57 — What advice do you have for busy business owners trying to bridge the gap between the startup phase and the next level of building a team, expanding, etc.?

28:09 — I work in selling private jets and my niche of qualified prospects is really small. Should I cast a wider net with my content strategy to appeal to a wider audience, or should I keep going deeper with my content for a smaller audience?

33:50 — I’m in the luxury travel industry and we see everyone making the same kinds of videos. How can I create content that’s different than everybody else’s to break through and get recognized?

40:35 — I’m a hypnotherapist and I’m concerned that the things I feel like posting on social media aren’t professional enough. How can I post while keeping my content authentic?

48:33 — What’s your view of the labor force mentality post-Covid?

Hope you enjoyed this episode of Tea with GaryVee!

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