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Hey everybody, what’s up? I’m writing this blog for all of you here in my community for two reasons. First, I want to invite you all to join my new broadcast channels for tons of meaningful updates and special access opportunities. And second, I want to explain what I’m doing here and how you can hopefully implement some of these practices into your own businesses or entrepreneurial endeavors. 

There’s a reason I’m asking all of you reading this to join these channels. Watch what I’m doing and ask yourself, is there some strategy you can extract from what I’m doing to use for your own purposes? Is there something you can learn about adding value to your own communities? There is always, always a reason behind the things I talk about and share with you guys.. you just gotta watch.  

As always, thank you for reading. I hope this helps, and of course, I hope I see you around in one of the broadcast channels. 

Before you read, check out what I’m up to in these three channels: Worthwhile Updates (Instagram), Meaningful Updates (Facebook), and my WhatsApp channel

Keep reading for more details below. 

Why Broadcast Channels?

Some of you may be wondering to yourselves.. I’ve already got an email newsletter, a podcast, a YouTube channel and accounts on various social media platforms.. What’s the point of a broadcast channel? 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with broadcast channels, they’re basically a way to engage with your community on a deeper level and in real time. For those of you building brands or businesses looking for ways to connect and engage with your following, starting a broadcast channel is something you might want to explore.. especially with several major platforms now coming out with their own broadcast channel features. 

As for me, I’ve been active on Instagram’s broadcast channel feature for a while now – since April of this year. It’s been a great way to provide my most engaged community members with real-time announcements, invites to livestream sessions happening on Instagram and other platforms, dedicated messages and worthwhile updates.. As a matter of fact, “Worthwhile Updates” is the name of my Instagram broadcast channel, which is currently sitting at over 100k members. 

Here are a couple of examples down below of how I use broadcast channels to engage my community: 

– Notifying my community of a Twitter (X) Spaces event happening live.

– Inviting people via a form to be a guest on one of my q&a pillar shows, Tea with GaryVee

As you can see, broadcast channels are a smart way to innovate on providing unique value for your most dedicated audiences.

My New Broadcast Channels

In addition to my existing Instagram channel, Worthwhile Updates, I now have two more broadcast channels for my communities on Facebook and WhatsApp. 

Join the “Meaningful Updates” broadcast channel on Facebook. 

Join the “GaryVee” broadcast channel on WhatsApp. 

Please consider joining these channels for moment-to-moment updates, unique access opportunities to me, virtual and in-person events, free giveaways of fun stuff like VeeFriends Cards and collectibles, and much, much more. These channels will become super important in the coming months.. My team and I are all super hyped to fill these with value for all of you. I’ll be sharing live stream details, bringing on guests and people from my business world, my pop-culture world, sharing messages when I’m in market and traveling to places like Brazil, Turkey, Dubai, Poland… and all sorts of other fun, limited edition opportunities for things going on in the Vayner universe. I’d love to share it all with you. 

Don’t just join.. I want you to also pay attention to how I’m using these channels, because maybe you can take some cues to use for your own entrepreneurial ventures to deepen your own communities. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you in one of my channels soon!