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As many of you may know, near the end of 2019, I launched the #GaryVeeChallenge to push more of you to go through the free 270-page free slide deck I put out.

These were the rules:

  1. Participants referred to my content deck on how to create 64 pieces of content in one day.
  2. They chose the tactics that fit their style, content, and social platforms.
  3. They put out content.
  4. And they added the hashtag #GaryVeeChallenge to their posts.

Here are some of the “best in class” and “honorable mentions” from the contest:

Best In Class

These were people who really caught my attention with their content – either with their creativity, persistence, message, or all of the above.

These three will be flown out for an ~hour long group podcast session with me! Hit them up and show them love!

Colin Darke






Honorable Mention

The following accounts did a great job of creating and posting content on some (or all) of their platforms that the team liked and wanted to feature in this post – incredible work everyone.


Russell McDonald


Maayan Gordon

John Vavrecka

Eric Okon

Toy Tester Tom

Jonny SKC

Rohit M Thakur

Buffalo _AF