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I launched a brand new text service for my dad called!!

As many of you know, I started a service called WineText last year as a way to innovate and keep growing Wine Library – it was to bring greater convenience to the wine game by sending you the best deals directly … especially for those of you who buy wine from sites with “deal of the day” concepts.

So many people loved it and it was such a big success for my dad’s business that I wanted to expand “text-first” to other categories, like gourmet foods. is for those of you who buy things like olive oil, honey, high end jams, cheese, chocolate, pastas, rare hot sauces, and more – sign up and you’ll get a crazy deal everyday on gourmet offers. You reply with a simple # of how many units you want, and it gets shipped straight to your door. Just like WineText.

If you’re interested, fill out the form here (if you’re not pls don’t because it costs $$ to send texts! ūüėā) Hit up YummyText on Twitter if you have any questions

Excited for this!!!