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Hey guys … I’ve been really spending my time thinking about “confidence” and humility…
It’s a super interesting blend if you can get your mind into a place where you think you’re the best and the worst at the same time. That you’re all time great and you’re insignificant.

That’s exactly what I try to do.

I think it’s incredibly important to know when to turn on your confidence especially when people push against you, and when people are razzing you, trolling you or doubting you and I think it’s equally important to know when to deploy your humility when people say that “you’re the best” or you are a marketing genius or the best business person or anything of that nature.

It’s balancing praise and humility.

It’s really crazy how much I play in the center of those two extremes.

Which is I genuinely believe I’m all time, I really do. I just have the energy and the bravado, and the work ethic and to be very frank, I think everyone is really underestimating, me.

I think that people don’t know what I’m capable of and I get it, but I’m still a kid at 41.

I’m just getting started.

Professionally, I started over at thirty-four, because I really built my dad’s business and I left with not a lot of finances. And so, I just don’t think people realize where this is going and obviously I think I have more to give.

I’m just now figuring out my communication style in order to create the most impact. I’m just starting to define the things that I want to talk about with whom and where, and things of that nature. I’m just starting to get that down, so I’m a kid, and I haven’t even come close to hitting my prime.
People are underestimating me. Period.

Also, in equal parallel, in the same exact energy and importance and intensity… I also believe that I’m not shit and all of you are doing incredible things everyday for your families, for your neighborhood, and for the world.

There are millions of people, and I mean ten’s of millions, of unbelievably talented, incredible, noble, special people that will touch many more than I will in their little genre or big genre and I believe that many of you, when you praise me so hard which is incredible, is still hard for me to accept.

Your support means everything to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

But I’m still unable to really accept it.

The other thing with the humility and confidence that I’ve spent a lot of time on, is I think that I had nothing to do with my ultimate success.

So when I get huge praise, like “you’re the best or you’re this, you’re great, or you’re going to buy the Jets,” I just think it’s a bigger indicator on my parents and the unbelievable childhood I had growing up in this amazing country and having capitalism, and being an immigrant and having a chip on my shoulder and coming from the soviet union and coming from humility and never being taught to ever complain and never expecting anything from anyone else, and always taking responsibility on my shoulders.

It’s all me, me, me. It’s always been my mentality.

I think all the “special stuff” comes from my parents DNA and the work ethic they instilled, and the circumstances I grew up with which did it for me.

So, I’m so amazing because of America, and my parents…

What’s does that have to do with me?

So, when I hear the praise, I genuinely question, what does it have to do with me?

But I also recognize everything is my fault. It’s pulling from opposite directions.

When I get shit on, I gladly accept it and I default to “yes, that’s on me and I’ll fix it.”

I think those principles of accountability and ownership when you suck and passing on the credit when you fucking rule is how you find happiness, and legacy and humility.

That’s me and that’s my make up and that’s why I’m winning in life and that’s why I’m always going to win, because when you’re 100% accountable and you know your shit, you can’t lose.

When you’re 100% accountable when there is an issue and when you pass on the praise when you’re “winning” you become fundamentally unbeatable.
My head will never get gassed up enough, ever, to forget that.

When I’m “getting it,” and I have the fame and I get to where I want to be, ill never believe it.

And when it’s bad, I will never point my fucking finger to anybody else.

Everybody is pointing fingers.. Afraid to take the blame. It’s everybody’s fucking fault but your own, your country, your environment, your parents, the school system, your boss, your aunt, your fucking circumstances and of course there are tragedies and crime and child abuse and really, really bad stuff. I’m not saying it’s not real, I’m saying for the 95% of you, it’s a #mindset.

Stay grounded in perspective. Never too high, never too low.
And I will never waiver. I have my bad days, but I keep that shit to myself.
It’s about them when it’s good, and it’s about me when it’s bad. That’s what I got for you.

That’s where I’m at. That’s what I believe in.

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