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My vlog DailyVee is the “same” day in and day out because it really is a daily documentation of my life as an entrepreneur and CEO of the advertising agency VaynerMedia. I run an 800 person business, I have client meetings, and employee one on ones. I only moonlight producing content and working on my personal brand as GaryVee 😉 What else do you expect? Of course it’s all on repeat. The experiences and process of the day in and day out grind has made me better and more comfortable in my craft as a businessman and CEO. I love that my vlog can be repetitive and mundane,  because that’s my truth. Despite what you may be seeing on Instagram, the life of a CEO is not filled with champagne and models.

This #Veecap (i.e me recapping episodes of DailyVee through my blog) is all about meetings and the everyday of running my business, but the reason it’s resonates with some of you is because it’s real. I’m showing you all what I do, not what I say, which is the actual blueprint and how I interact with the world, whether it’s my employees, influencers  or my amazing community.

The pillar of episode 371 is my two meetings with NBA hall of famer Dennis Rodman and hip-hop legend Redman.

Both are cultural icons in their own right.

First, Dennis and I chop it up about the power of a personal brand and how impactful his story can be if he decided to document his life. The thing people have to understand is I built my entire business and brand through my cell-phone. On Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube and everywhere else. People are so taking for granted the fact that it’s 100% practical for you to do the same. Start small and build up, build up, build up. And especially if you are someone who has relevance, and nostalgia and culture like these 2 gentlemen.  

I honestly think Redman is 1 switch away from having a top 10 single or project in culture but he needs to start the process of putting shit out.

And I selfishly want this vlog to be a landmark for me so that in 15-18-32 months, I can recall it and say that I was part of that process. That’s the power of documentation.

Everyone can pick up their smartphone, open the camera, record and post.  Just start talking about the things most important to you. Because in the end, the creative (or how “beautiful” someone thinks your content is) is going to be subjective. What’s not subjective is the fact that you need to start putting yourself out there and keep swinging.


VaynerMedia, NYC HQ


Dennis Rodman – NBA All-Star – Former Detroit Piston, San Antonio Spur, Chicago Bull, Los Angeles Laker, and Dallas Maverick

Redman – Hip-Hop Legend


What truly inspires me?

What’s wrong with the wine world AND the business world

My outlook for 2018

My Advice to Redman

Thank you for your attention ❤️

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