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The internet’s maturity, which is the biggest cultural shift we have ever lived through in our society since the printing press has fundamentally changed everything.

Throughout this episode a lot of conversations happened not around the power of influence and vlogging and Intagram and Twitter, and WordPress, but on the macro implications of the fact that we are RIGHT NOW living and working in the greatest evolution of human communication, period. Taking a step back and putting this change into context can be seriously helpful for a better overarching perspective and strategy toward your business or life ambitions. Because boy not only do some not have the right approach, they don’t even understand it’s fucking happening. The fact that the device in our pockets, can now create more upside and more potential for all of us to build businesses, communicate, connect and engage is the most important thing that has ever happened.  The world is not “changing” … It has already changed, and if I can just get one more person to take this shift a little bit more seriously by deciding to deploy their time and energy learning how to communicate on these new platforms, they will win.

It’s very hard for us to actually grapple with what we’re going through right now because it’s so much bigger than anything we can point to. We really have no reference, but it’s happening.

The problem is we default into demonizing technology. Everybody is on defense as opposed to offense. For whatever reason, we think writing a note is some miraculous feat, but sending a text means that kids don’t “talk to each other.” I just think we are missing the point of the evolution of communication and the power of it. And I’ve just never been more optimistic.

So, in a micro, whatever the hell you care about, It’s all gonna happen on your phone. It’s the remote control to our reality and whether you want to raise money for a non profit, promote your book, build a business, or get a mayor elected, it will all happen on these devices and social media platforms.

That’s really it. You gotta wrap your head around becoming an efficient communicator on this device because it’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity over the next decade. And I highly encourage all of you to get a hell of a lot more serious about it.

The rest of the episode is about the conversation I had with my VaynerMedia Chattanooga team at our annual holiday party.

Because I think our team has a real shot to do something that everybody will talk about forever. I really believe that.

And so I’m really excited. It’s a really good feeling. I really, really love the way our company loves each other and I think that it’s the foundation that gives this organization unbelievable upside.

I think the thing that makes us ultimately special is empathy. And I will pound empathy down the throat of this company next year.

That’s really the punchline. That’s what I want.

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