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This episode was, I might say, one of the best ever. We covered a lot of ground, from balancing offers to how I feel about the current state of Vine.


Questions answered on this episode

  • How do you balance saying no to good things so you can say yes to great things?
  • Gary, you’ve said YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and Instagram are the big players. What’s you’re opinion on Vine?
  • How do you feel about employee poaching?
  • I read somewhere that being nervous is a good thing – do you agree or disagree? Do you ever get nervous?
  • We make YouTube videos telling people how to make their own wood signs. We also use Facebook ads. Both are going well; where should we go next?

Resources from this episode

Question of the day

  • What’s your story? Your #AskGaryVee Story? Your story on this journey together.