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So I was at a keynote a few years back and this guy stands up to ask me this question. I think his name was, Jeff?

And after I have poured my heart out on stage and given this 45 minute talk on the value of 1-1 interaction with your customers, how to develop deep relationships and how to provide value above all else, this guy JEFF tries to promote his brand…🤢🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

Without listening to a word I said, he asked me to advertise his company to my 1M followers without even knowing me.

And my response was priceless. I said; Good hustle, JEFF. But what I find interesting is, even though I just gave a really passionate talk, you went for the 19 year-old dude move. Which is… you tried to close on the first transaction.

You wanted to go all in on the very first date which equals a big fucking NO.
It’s what all of you youngsters get terribly wrong. It’s about building relationships not doing sales. I love your swag and I love your hustle, and that’s why you’re reading this article but you have to have some decency. Some humility, patience and nuance.

I spent 20 years working 15 hours a day to stand on this stage. I have given my time in order to educate and engage with you. No I do not want to promote your fucking brand. Please get to know me first and understand what can actually bring me value.

GUYS, it’s really that simple. You can’t walk up to a girl and expect to close on the first date. Well the same thing goes for business. It’s about the long, long game. You’re building relationships not doing deals. This is the essence of my second book “The Thank You Economy” and really the title of my third book, “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Every 16–25 year-old on this planet thinks they can just get the deal done. But the truth is everything takes more time than you think. You have to be patient and understand that you are dealing with real human beings, who have real feelings and real needs.

So the next time you think about going all in consider this:

No one likes to be closed on the first date. And there’s a lot of other pretty girls out there (i.e tremendous business opportunities) that are going to turn you down.

Don’t try to steal home when you’re on first base. Deploy empathy and humility and you will win.

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