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Listen, I don’t love giving general advice without knowing the exact context of the situation. I try to search for general themes that articulate a macro truth. These are 10 quotes that have helped solidify my own thinking about work and life and have, for all intensive purposes, worked for me as a guiding blueprint to navigate my own personal journey. These quotes have also resonated with my incredible community on Instagram who, without which, I would not have the same presence online.

1. Winning Is Not Defined By Me … It’s Defined By YOU!

The second you let someone else dictate or define your hopes and dreams is the second you lose. You need to define yourself, for yourself, by yourself, as yourself. If I can get one person to understand that “happiness is the metric” then you will win.

2. Focus on Your Own Sh*T!

This is the blueprint. Along with not giving a fuck about anyone else’s opinion, you can’t caught up in what your friends have, parents have, boyfriend, boss or brother does with his or her “wins.” Envy is the fucking enemy and once you let go of everything outside of your control, you can finally focus on your own game and “get yours.”

3. Nothing Beats DOING!

You have one life. What are you gonna do about it? The reason I preach patience is because we all need more at-bats. Everyone fails, everyone loses, everyone sucks at something. The problem is, you can either ponder and look for permission, or you can execute and do your thing. Nothing beats DOING .. ever.

4. It’s About What You Do When You’re Awake

This one is super important and tied to the self-awareness of what makes you tick. Maybe you need to sleep for 10 hours a day .. and that’s fine by me! But if you complain, and you’re awake, and you’re wasting every second playing Fortnite and watching Netflix, you will lose. The best advice I can give is to really audit yourself and how you spend your day. Do your actions map your ambitions? Are you happy with your 4 or 14 hours of sleep or work? If not, take this statement and re-adjust!

5. Eat Shit For 24 Months & Eat Caviar For The Rest of Your Life

I’ve seen this first hand, from producing a 1000 episodes of WineLibrary TV to posting 40x a day on Twitter for years before anyone cared.

The fact of the matter is you need to be willing to eat shit, bleed, get laughed at, judged, snickered at, whispered behind, bet against, misunderstood and put down … If you believe in yourself and what you are doing and are acting like life is long and if you do the right things it plays out so DO YOU … I wish you heard and saw what people said about me from 1988–2003 … I knew who I was and I was willing to be patient and work my face off to say “Now what assholes” .. stick it to the world if the world sleeps on you…BUT DO IT THE RIGHT WAY AND KNOW .. it’s gonna be painful before it’s amazing.

6. Go Take That “Chance”

I need you to take that “chance” .. That girl, that guy, that job, that company, that idea, that friend, that meeting, that moment. I want to be your shield, so you can go out and actually try. If you want to get to the places you’ve never been .. you gotta do the things you’ve never done .. 💯

7. Work. That’s How You Get It!

It takes days, months, years, and likely decades to build a big business. The biggest misconception about entrepreneurship and anyone who has ever “made it” is that it did’t take an enormous amount of hard work. That’s just false. Entrepreneurship is everyday, always and forever. The reason I document my life as a CEO building a modern day media and communications death star through VaynerMedia and VaynerX is because I want to give you inside look into how hard it really is. I’ve been working my  face off for 30 years and I’m still just starting. You have to live in the clouds and dirt.

8. Forget Yesterday. Let’s Fucking Go!

The only option is forward. What happened, happened and you need to let go. The past is not going to change. You need to take ACTION and make decisions that are going to propel you into the future. Stop dwelling and start doing. NOW.

9. Stop Looking Back

The same can be said for thinking about this quote! I’ve had misses and missteps too! From not investing in Uber’s angel round to taking equity in a small startup called Vidler and transitioning all of my content off YouTube when I could have created a bigger following there before people jumped on.

If I could wish you anything besides good health it would be the ability to …”Finally let it go.”

The inability to accept what happened in the past is holding so many of you back.

Your Ego of “getting screwed” is holding you back. Your grudge that you hold against your mother, older sister, old boss is holding you back.

Your insecurities and lack of patience is making you look backwards and I am just so passionate to get you to stop!

10. Make Positivity Louder

This is it. If there could be anything that people remembered me for it’s that I tried to give more than I got. I want to be the catalyst and example for 14–84 years olds to develop and deploy more positivity, patience, gratitude, humility, hard work and kindness in our lives and work. When you have an audience you have a responsibility to put out and foster good.

Lately I’ve been saying “you find what you’re looking for” meaning if you want to find bad in the world it’s easy, but I also believe the same can be said for happiness and positivity!

So many of you are happy, winning, optimistic and just down right amazing. I want you to join me on the mission of spreading that happiness and cheer!

Thanks for reading ❤

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