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With the help of my team, we’ve compiled the top five pieces of content across each of my social platforms this year.

As many of you know, I don’t define “top” content according to vanity metrics.. This isn’t necessarily about which posts received the most likes or comments. Instead, these are the core messages we hope — and think — brought you guys the most value this year.

That being said, keep reading to see my top five Instagram Reels of 2022 – watch these before 2023!!

Is the Internet Hurting the Youth?

This post sparked an important conversation about social media, the youth, and self-esteem. I really hope it continues to help a lot of parents, but also everyone who’s thinking about the foundations needed to achieve happiness.

The Real Reason I Want to Buy the Jets

This Reel from August gave some deeper insight into who I am as a human, the love and gratitude I have for my mom, and why I always throw up the five šŸ– in photos.

My Mission for the Next 50 Years

Slowly but surely, I’m coming for negativity, insecurity and hate with even more positivity, compassion and love!!!

A Conversation You Need to Watch Right Now

This conversation I had with a mom and then her son resonated with a lot of you. I think this one will help a lot of families out there.

“I Thought You Were Going to Call Me a Loser”

The shorter version of this clip struck a chord with so many, we had to post the full, unedited version. I hope anyone reading this who’s struggling or beating themselves up right now will watch this until it sinks in.

Thank you so much for your attention this year and every year. I’m so grateful for every one of you. Happy holidays!

If you enjoyed this recap, I’d love if you sent me a tweet @garyvee and shared the post that resonated with you the most.