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Here’s Why My Business Advice Might not Work with Your DNA

By June 18, 2014No Comments3 min read

I like to share a lot of my thoughts about how to execute in business. One thing I’m aware of is that these are just the things that work

for me. They’ve been historically correct. They’re things that have brought me return on investment. What I’m also aware of is that everybody has their own beliefs, nuances, circumstances, and, most of all, their own DNA.So for all the people watching my videos, or reading my posts, I want to have something to refer to when someone disagrees with me on the basis of circumstance, or doesn’t have success when trying something I’ve recommended. I needed to write this.

The truth is (and has always been, and will always be) that it starts with self-awareness. It starts with really breaking yourself down. The only real gift I have is that, for some unknown reason – be it great parenting, or great DNA – I’ve always known exactly what I was good at. I never worried about what I was bad at. It never even dawned on me to work on my weaknesses. Sure I wanted to round out some things, fix some things to bring them up to some kind of average and make them consumable. But I’ve never ever thought about taking someone’s advice on how to execute. It’s always just been my way. I bought into what worked for me.

So please enjoy my rants and my thoughts, but I implore you, if you decide to execute on my advice (or anybody else’s), you need to self analyze first. Poke holes in your process and find out what has brought you success. In the 16, 18, 40 years of your career, where have you really shined? Whether artistic or calculated, whether black and white or grey, spend just a minute a day on auditing yourself and figuring out your strengths. If you find your strength is salesmanship, or storytelling, or patience, or organization, or human resources, or caring for the end consumer, or your coworkers, then you need to keep paying attention to it. Or if not, then maybe you need to find someone whose abilities map onto yours, try to follow what they do, and make those actions your own.