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Change is hard but it’s also inevitable. We are often accustomed to a certain way of doing things and may fall into a rut because of that. So many people are doing the same concept in the exact same way for far too long and that’s what’s keeping them from mixing it up and evolving creatively. 
The other day my team at VaynerMedia started a slack channel to discuss their favorite AI tools and it was fascinating to see how many of them were creatively inspired to adapt AI into their routine…and this is what I’m here to talk about today. If you’re not using AI in your daily life, you’re making a huge mistake!!!

Technology does not give a damn about how you feel about it. It is set to do what it could do. 
If you’re so anti-technology at this point, imagine a life where you can’t order food from Seamless, not use phones, not to most of the things that make life exciting…and that the hyprocrisy. 
We choose to like technology when it suits us and hate it when it doesn’t. Well, technology, as I said, does not care…but if you care about getting on with the times, here are some key objectives to keep in mind to deal, progress and work with AI:

Get good at it as quickly as you can
This is something you have got to start training yourself and everyone around you. Whether you need it right now or not is irrelevant but at some point down the lane, it is going to be inevitable. We are going to be interacting with AI everyday and the faster you get good at it, the better it will be. 
Remember when you met those executives 20 years who who still wouldn’t use emails and their secretary would print out those emails and show it to them??? Feels odd and weird, right? That is how not using AI tools would feel very soon because it’s here and it’s real.

F*ck fear
Fear sells and it’s a dangerous demotivator. The concept of f*ck fear is as real here as it is in any other context of life. The fear around modern technology is as old as time. This is very much like one of those times where people were opposed to the idea of tractors. 
Farmers saw it as a threat and thought it would burn the world but what it did was make the human life easy and created jobs around it. 
Fearing AI coming for our jobs is just like one of those things. 
Always remember, when jobs are taken away, new jobs are created.


@garyveeThis is the same hysteria that happens any time there’s a major technology advancement.. the reality is, sh*t changes. You either stay curious and taste things and learn to adapt, or you dwell on why you “wish” things would stay the same and get left behind. It’s your choice, but AI is coming either way♬ original sound – Gary Vaynerchuk

Keep in mind that AI would still need you for your creativity
The other day I met a journalist who wanted me to tell her how journos can keep their jobs with ChatGPT in the picture. 
I painted a scenario for them and said what if you asked ChatGPT to write an article about champagne that focuses on Prosecco being a good alternative for wine, and available at a fraction of the price. 
In the process, I want you to historically reference that something that was “the establishment” for a long time and then a product came along that was equal in quality but a fraction in price. You should speak to it in the manner that quality of flavor is subjective but, the price is not.  
This way I just gave her the key point that should be referenced in the article by them and showed her that creativity is about adding, subtracting, and making things make sense…and ChatGPT is no different with that.


With AI, The commodity is being destructed but you still need to come up with ideas. Less say I asked chatGPT to write a blogpost about VeeFriends and compare it to wine and read it in the voice of Chris Farley. What most of you are missing in the context of worrying about AI is that you still have to feed it with creativity even though the commodity in the baseline of things remain constant. 


@garyveeWait to all of you learn how to prompt ai … I’m so happy for so many of you because you’re about to become more creative than ever and more educated and fill in curiosities … this is profound technology .. use it / don’t fear it ☎️♬ original sound – Gary Vaynerchuk



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