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Starting from nothing is a common theme on Tea With GaryVee, but this first-hand account might be the one to inspire you to start flipping. That’s because Shawn started his journey with just $50 and a thought that garage sales and thrift stores might be the answer.

Shawn: Gary, you’ve changed my life man; both financially and mentally.  Last June, I started watching your garage sale videos and I have a story that I think will impact everyone listening. 

[I saw your garage sale flip video and] I was like, fuck, I can do that shit. Although, at that time, I only had 50 dollars in my bank account. I had 50 dollars, student debt, and a part time job.  [Still], I was working and trying to make extra money by flipping things on the side. 

Gary: So, wait, you have 50 bucks, you see the video…and it’s like, fuck. You see the video and you think: that’s not investing in Facebook, that’s not starting VaynerMedia, that’s something I can do.

Shawn: Yeah, exactly.

Gary: I don’t want to get emotional…but the single reason I did that show was because of what you just said. Right now, the only thing I want, the only thing that drives me, is to help other people get happy because I’m so happy. I think the world is so abundant…and I came from dirt too bro. 

Shawn: Same bro.

Gary: I wasn’t given shit. I figured it out with humility and work ethic and education–trash talk is education, by the way. [I’m interrupting you]–keep going!

Shawn: So, I started going to garage sales and thrift stores. I would buy things for a dollar, then I would sell for two or three dollars. 

Gary: Where? Craigslist? Facebook Marketplace? [I’m asking because] two or three dollars on Ebay, with fees and shipping, isn’t much.

Shawn: Well, it was mainly Ebay.

Gary: So, you were learning. Even if you made fifty cents, you were learning.

Shawn: Facts. Plus, it built up my [seller] feedback, which helped promote the other stuff I would sell on Ebay. 

I really think anyone could do what I did since I only had 50 dollars to my name when I started. I was still working a part time job. I’m also a college student; if I can do it, anyone can.

This past school year, I was working three part-time jobs, as a full-time student. So, I’m living proof that the “Oh, I don’t have time” excuse is just wrong.

Gary: Everyone has time. People … tell me they don’t have time as they watch me. It’s like, why are you watching me if you don’t have time? If I was a kid, I wouldn’t be watching Gary Vee, I would be out doing. You have to do!

So, what was your first breakthrough?

Shawn: I found a little Einstein’s play-thing. And it was complete; it had all the pieces and everything. I found it for $5 at a thrift store. Then I sold it for $100 on eBay. From there, I kept learning and learning … then, this last month, I made $10,000 in sales. I grew $50 to $10,000.

The thing is, anyone can do this.

Gary: I know.

We’d love to hear your flip stories, wins and losses. Also leave a comment letting us know what stories you’d like to hear next and don’t forget to tune in to next week’s Tea With Gary Vee!