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Many of you have questions about investing and collecting sports cards, but don’t know where to begin. 

Don’t worry–I’ve got the links on everything you need to get started on your journey with collecting and investing. Trust me when I say, sports cards are going through an enormous transformation right now.

My take.

After studying the card market for three years, I have this amazing feeling of conviction. All “cards”, especially the top 5% of vintage and rare cards, will go through a transformation similar to contemporary art’s transformation over the last half century. I wanted to make this list because while I know many of you have already educated yourselves on this topic, it’s not too late for those who haven’t. 

Of course, there’s a lot to learn and there’s risk, as with any investment. However, the joy I’ve felt investing in cards is so remarkable. I feel as confident in cards as I did while betting my professional life on social media back in 2005. From 2006 to 2009 I spent time learning, I went all in, and this feels exactly the same. As always, there will be dips but I am excited about what’s ahead. The macro opportunity is clear. 

This list will be updated with all the latest sports card content we produce, so bookmark this page and let’s jump into it.



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