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On this episode, we get back to the cozy confines of the Fishbowl at VaynerMedia.


Questions Answered on This Episode

  • 3:50 – As a huge fan and student teacher, I’d like to know what do you feel makes a great teacher?
  • 6:48 – Would you consider adopting children?
  • 9:46 – If you owned a small newspaper, what would you do with it? How would you change how it delivers news/earns revenue?
  • 12:41 – With so many employees, how do you ensure the rest of the team is speaking the same language and saying the same things to clients that you would say?
  • 16:11 – What’s one question nobody has ever asked you that you really wish they would?

Resources from This Episode

  • Read AJ’s Medium article about why he’s leaving VaynerMedia.
  • Make sure you follow me on the Snaps.
  • Just a reminder that you can find my books here.