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On this episode, India and I have some guests for a fun influencer/entrepreneur show! My friends Sara Dietschy and Lauryn Evarts (who you may know from The Skinny Confidential) co-host with me as we talk about influencer marketing and vlogging.You can find their links below.


Questions Answered on This Episode

  • Is there such thing as a viral formula to make things spread?
  • I’ve been blogging since 2009. I know my audience super well, but my views won’t budge; thoughts?
  • I’ve done over 700 interviews, I want to start expanding! How do I monetize?
  • If I’m trying to start a YouTube channel, how do I break through the noise?
  • When did you decide to start building your personal brand and why?


Resources from this Episode

Questions of the Day

  • Lauryn: Where do you guys see Snapchat in the next two to three years?
  • Sara: Do you guys think Twitter is dead? Cause I’m really liking it…