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Look, I am super aware that I push a hustle, twenty-four-seven work mentality. I talk about work all the time, and the image I have projected of myself is one of nonstop hard work. I’m the one who told people to, and I quote, “Stop watching fucking Lost.”

And I don’t regret that. I truly believe that hard work is what will get you everything in life. Hard work is the only way to move forward in life. Nothing happens because of magic, and very few things happen because of luck.

But recently, I started noticing how many people in my community really take this in a hardcore way. A couple weeks back on my YouTube show, the question of the day was “What is your favorite video game?” The answer I saw the most went a little something like this: “I don’t play video games! I don’t have time because I hustle nonstop!”

Recently, I have been trying to kind of round out my image more, to show you guys all sides of what it means to truly live this life I live. So here’s another stab at that.

This coming Fall, from anywhere between three and six hours every couple weeks or more, I will be totally checked out. Totally.


Football season.

If the internet or selling wine both became illegal during that six hour period, I would not return any calls or give a rat’s ass because I will be totally enthralled with watching the New York Jets.

My Jets are your Netflix.

Very often, we as a collective society only see one side of the coin, especially when it comes to being online, right? One of my quotes goes viral and suddenly that’s who I am. I’m “Stop watching Lost” guy. We map ourselves to people, we strive to meet their standards.

Well I wanted to take this opportunity today to say: it’s okay to watch House of Cards. It’s okay to go to a Jets game.

What’s not okay?

It’s not okay to sit around all day watching House of Cards, and then complain you’re not successful.

Get the difference?

My success is predicated on how hard I work in the hours I am working. Work life balance and escapism are part of the equation; they have to be factored in. It’s not “When you make it, you can do these things.” It’s “How can you work and work to achieve what you want while still giving yourself that breathing room?

If you’re somebody who spends four hours day in escapism and the other six hours complaining at your job, that’s where the problem lies. It’s not Netflix’s fault. It’s yours.

What do you guys think? Let me know with a comment. And send this to someone you think needs to hear it. 😉