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Facebook is my number one platform right now, and it should be yours too. If you only have the budget for one platform, please make it Facebook. But I get it. There is a lot out there. It can be confusing. How do you know what to use and how? Here are five features Facebook offers that you should be tapping into.

Get close to dark posts

Facebook dark posts are the number one tool you have at your disposal right now: use them. You can read a bunch of articles on them, but in the end, just get on Facebook and play around with them, use them, check them out. There is no substitute for just getting in there and figuring it out for yourself. Learn about them here.

Use Facebook ads as much as you can

Do not miss out on Facebook ads. A lot of people ask me if Facebook is worth it any more since it’s pay to play. I say: duh. And if you’re missing out it’s your own fault. Get into the ads manager and learn how to use it. More on that here.

Look at your audience insights

You 100% need to be looking at your audience insights for your page. They will teach you so much about who you are reaching and who is your customer. I hate data and even I have to admit how incredibly awesome and accurate Facebook is for it. More on audience insights here.

Upload videos natively

It’s true. Facebook seems to favoring a video uploaded directly rather than linking out. Try it out for yourself. Seriously, if you don’t believe me. Make one post where you post a link to YouTube, and then another where you upload the video with no linking out. One will do remarkably better than the other, trust me. Then, do the right thing, and upload natively for the rest of your life. I talked about it here.

Don’t give up on organic posts; just reassess

People ask me if they should stop posting organically altogether, and my answer is: it depends. You need to take a step back and look at how much money goes into each piece of content, how much time, and then how many people you’re reaching with that single piece. If one piece of content gets you 5 views but 3 clients that will pay you 10k each, and you spent 5k on that piece of content, well, 5 views ain’t bad, right? But look at it for your business specifically. Nothing is ever dead till it straight up doesn’t exist any more.