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#QOTD: What’s YOUR spirit animal?

0:49 – If you’re not from an English speaking country, should you produce content in English to reach a higher number of people, or should you produce content in the native language of your country?
1:42 – Trader Joe’s has a cult like following with no social media presences. What are your thoughts?
2:34 – My little sister has Insta and Snapchat but has no interest in FB. What do you think the future holds for FB?
4:03 – Morale in public education is at an all time low right now. How do we create a Thank You Economy Culture despite government mandates, curriculum that isn’t effective today, no funding and, most of all, high stress and pressure on teachers?
5:17 – Sprint is taking over the Radio Shack stores, but what is the relevance of Sprint? Is Sprint the new Radio Shack?
6:12 – Would love to hear more on HOW to hustle faster!
6:39 – Last year you nailed it when you recommended we use Medium. What are your recommendations for 2015?
7:19 – How would you market an industry that has negative connotations surrounding it, or one that people only use in emergencies? Like the towing industry for example.
8:23 – Girl Scouts cookies are onsale now. If you were a Girl Scout, how would you maximize your sales?
9:33 – How do you decide what to trust when it comes to news media bias vs fact reporting?
11:04 – How can a small, local non-medical in-home senior care agency incorporate the Thank You Economy into our business with our clients and their families?
12:13 – How do you see the world in 2018ish once the Apple Watch has probably become a vital part in everybody’s lives?
13:31 – I use my GoPro for my Instagram on pics. Any tips on differentiating my content from other GoPro accounts?
13:49 – But seriously, though – why are you scared of cows?
14:06 – Some companies’ timelines are nothing but apologies (i.e. Comcast). Should they take a break from Twitter to fix their product?
14:24 – Blackberry use to be socially hip. Could a new social media approach make a difference or is it too late?
14:36 – My family has always believed so much in me. Back in the days, were you more afraid of letting yourself down or your family?
15:32 – You get very personal when building your brand with the public. How personal is too personal? Where do you draw the line?
16:26 – I am wondering what you think of Direct Message on Instagram. Is it an untapped resource?
17:35 – How can I engage with an audience who has private interests, i.e., the hair loss replacement industry? They don’t tweet about it and they don’t post on Facebook about it!
20:12 – How would you respond if your wife decided to open up a business as direct competition to VaynerMedia or Wine Library?
20:55 – Why do you put so much emphasis into/on sports/the Jets?
21:49 – I spend 10-15 hours on image posts I make for my company on social media. They are hand drawn as well as computer drawn. I am getting way more ‘likes’ on my hand drawn lettering posts compared to these non-hand drawn ones. Lettering takes a long time to do, and I don’t think I can create that many for daily social media content. What should I do?
23:29 – What’s your spirit animal?