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In today’s DailyVee I sat down with 2018 Grammy Nominee for Best Rap/Sung Performance GoldLink to talk through his next moves.

It’s always fun to see someone so young and so talented during what I would consider the most important moment in their career as an artist and entrepreneur where things have the potential to go one of two ways. GoldLink has been making music for 5+ years, eating shit and perfecting his craft finally to be rewarded with a breakout moment and Grammy nomination for one of the hottest songs of year. 

It’s the rare moment, where an artist starts to become mainstream, and is one or two songs away from being a global name.

GoldLink stopped by my office just before his appearance on Jimmy Fallon and we chopped it up to discuss what he’s chasing.  I walked him through the fundamentals of patience and why this moment is the most critical for anyone who has tasted the potential of really popping.

Having spent the last 20 years dissecting the ins and outs of consumer attention and always focusing on legacy, The punchline is you have to mix relevance and audience.

When you are the hottest thing on the block and starting to become mainstream, but middle America, doesn’t know who you are, then you need to hack distribution.

All the biggest brands whether it be Louis Vuitton or PepsiCo have the capital, and the audience, but they don’t have the relevance. They don’t have the modern day “it” that is so necessary to win with the up and coming consumer. The same thing can be said for music. A lot of the biggest artists in the world, who have billions of streams from years past, are looking for the relevance of today’s culture. GoldLink (and every other ‘It” artist of the moment) is looking for distribution, i.e the ability to access the next 100-500M listeners that are going to consume their content.

Which is why we discussed the importance of collaborations and the unbelievable arbitrage of underpriced attention. It doesn’t have to be the hottest brand right now. The longer you can hold your breath, and keep pushing the boundaries on what got you there in the first place, the bigger your pie will be at the end of the day. Instead of going out and doing 1-2 influencer deals with big companies now, you focus on gathering more attention so that that your influencer post all of a sudden becomes a deal for equity. Fuck doing 3 posts when you can get a percentage of the whole damn thing. Ownership is worth a whole lot more than 6 photos a year if you play your cards right.

Really a great 15 minutes with GoldLink whom outside of music I was really impressed with how well he understood where the ground lays and I’m excited to see how his next 3-4 years play out. Thanks for stopping by and thank you all for watching. 


VaynerMedia HQ , NYC

Guest List

Grammy Nominee GoldLink and his management crew.

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