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As many of you know I have been extremely bullish on the future of audio and voice. This year I rebranded my podcast to The GaryVee Audio Experience, started publishing a new podcast episode DAILY and have since become a top 100 ranked podcast on iTunes. As I continue to be a first mover on Alexa voice, Google home and more original content, I realized there was one thing missing 😉🍷

For those that don’t know, I grew up in the wine world, working for my father’s liquor store in New Jersey. After convincing my Dad that the internet wasn’t just a fad, and people would actually buy shit on it, he believed in me and we transitioned WineLibrary into one of the first e-commerce wine stores, growing our revenue from 3-60M in sales in a short period of time.

And even more importantly, I literally began my career in content by producing a long form episodic wine series on YouTube called WineLibraryTV

Here’s episode 1 in case you haven’t seen it 😉

As I have progressed in my career as an entrepreneur spending a lot more time in tech, startups and running my 800+ person digital agency, VaynerMedia, I got further away from my roots, and recently realized just how much I miss wine.

I have slowly but surely started ramping up my energy back into wine with events like my VIP wine dinners, my insane $55 month wine club and this episode/podcast series you are about to see.

I came up with the concept for an original show called “brown paper bags” where I would drink wine and talk culture with a few of my closest friends. I’m 100% committed to continuing this series in 2018 and want to do this recall back to episode 1.

In 2018, I’m looking to do this format much more often on my podcast. Get three to four interesting friends together, drink some wine, talk some shit.

This series and idea came from one of the most fun things that I used to do during my first 20 years in the wine world. Which is, when you get really nerdy about wine, you start getting to a place where you’re trying to figure out how good you are at it. One of the ways to do that is to taste wines blind. Meaning, you set up a table with brown paper bags and a bunch of wines and you try to guess them or analyze them. Or there’s even double blind, which is my favorite, which is you literally don’t know what the wines are before starting because someone else wrapped them in brown paper bags or tin foil.

The format of this show is as follows: Between three or four people each episode, different buddies from around the world, from different walks of life. We’re gonna taste the wines, we’re gonna determine whether or not we like it, once in awhile we’re going to bring in a real professional like Andre who you’ll see in the show, who will give us a little bit more context and knowledge about the wine. Then we’ll talk about current events, things in the business world or just the relationships I have with these wonderful people.

I’d love to get your feedback on this format so be very aggressive on iTunes with your review of this content so I can search it. I’d love to see what you guys think.


VaynerMedia, HQ – New York, NY


Mary Kate McGrath – Editor in Chief at PureWow

Andre MackSommelier-At-Large

Erin Heatherton – Super Model

Seth Feingersh – Audio Engineer

Jon Troutman – Office of the CEO

Nathan Scherot – Office of the CEO


  1. When does wine become interesting vs. boring?
  2. The last time I was drunk!
  3. What’s happening with sparkling wines.
  4. How to become an expert on anything!

I hope u all enjoy

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