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I have been thinking a lot about how important my daily vlog, DAILYVEE is to my content and output and want to start writing more detailed recaps of my episodes for all of you to consume. This episode is the perfect way to start.

Every so often there is a rare version of DailyVee that I feel so passionate about that I need to make sure you don’t miss it. My entire team agrees that today is one of those vlogs. Beyond my crazy schedule layered with meetings, keynotes and advice, this episode embodies what I do as a purebred day in/day out entrepreneur. Consequently, as the episode title states, it ended up as a powerful depiction of what it’s really like for you to love what you do, which for me is building businesses because that’s my vehicle.


Stockholm, Sweden


Meeting with Jan Ameri founder of The Arctic Startup

An interview for The Awesome Project

A special lunch with Stockholm executives

My interview for The Best Sellers podcast with Lydia Capolicchio

My meeting with instagram soccer superstars The SkillTwins

A Keynote at The Bestseller Conference

Dinner, drinks and dares with my friends 😉

And a few more events on my calendar below.


Jan Ameri founder of Arctic Startup

Josef Elzein + Jakob Elzein aka The Skill Twins

Julien Magic

Lydia Capolicchio host of The Bestseller Podcast

Sebastian Basse Forssma creator of The Awesome Project


  1. An in depth strategy on how to grow your Instagram

The $1.80 instagram strategy

  1. Answering my community on Instagram who asked:

If the mindset has been skewed, how do you recover?

  1. My soccer match with the Skill Twins

Scoring on The Skill Twins!

  1. An important moment from my keynote on why technology will eat everything.

I think I have really come to terms with what I am actually doing here (aka in business, in culture, through my content and through my ambition..) and I am reminded of my 14 year old self who was finally able to find his “zone”… I vividly remember the most important decision I ever made in my life after failing a science exam in 4th grade in Mr. Molnar’s class and having to get the bad grade signed off by my mom 😉

I wasn’t interested in getting punished so I took my test home and hid it under my bed.

Later that night I had this weird, sorta crying, kinda debating moment where I was afraid to tell my mom but I just decided fuck it, I’m a businessman and I am going to eat the pain of being punished 4x a year and teased and bullied so that I could find my zone. It was in that moment that I decided to stop giving a fuck about what I suck at and double down on my strengths.

And that remains the punchline. The one thing I desperately want for you (more than the money and the attention and the fame) is the feeling you get when when you are able to do what you love (day in and day out.) Because when you truly love it … you’ll work every single second for it.

Either way you look at it, I truly believe this episode finds it’s moments to speak to everyone. My entire community, and (even the ones who have no idea about who I am 😉

What It’s Like to Do What You Love takes place in Stockholm on December 5th and 6th.

Obviously Babin filming me felt the energy in this edit and it comes through in the creativity of this episode for sure.

Whether I’m giving you tactical advice on how to run ads on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat or whether I am just motivating you through my words or actions or content, the biggest thing I want for you is to find your “zone” and your own version of “it.”

I want you to do something with what I am giving you so that one day you can go and get yours. It’s days like these that remind me why I’m playing the game. And why I always, always, always want u to win.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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