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I want to talk about something that I think isn’t addressed enough. It has to do with everyone who is in the later years of their life and feeling like they’re in the wrong place.

Maybe you’re reading this and you’re 45. Or 54. Maybe you had one goal in life, one set dream, and you’re starting to think it’s too late. You missed your chance.

I am writing this with one sole purpose: to tell you that it is not.

If you have it in you, if you have the fire, the drive, the want…it’s not over.

I want this article to give you the audacity to just go and do it.

Maybe this isn’t the time to take up golf. Or settle down into an easier routine. Maybe now is the time to triple down and focus on your 7pm to 2am. Don’t lose momentum.

Look, I get it. Life happens. Things change. And maybe more importantly, so many people have great entrepreneurial DNA, but they just weren’t lucky enough to be born during an era in which that lifestyle seemed practical. It is incredibly difficult for someone who for years has gone along with a certain blueprint to understand that this is possible. It’s not a young man’s sport. I know it seems like it is, but it isn’t.

If you have the DNA, and you’re a 72 year old female, you have the exact same tools that a 25 year old man has. The drive. The motivation. The desire. Use that as hard as you can.

Stop making excuses. Nobody cares how old you are if you dominate, if you show that you have what it takes.

And the best part? Technology.

Because of that phone that I know is somewhere near you right this instant, you have so many more opportunities open to you. That phone, the apps in it, the power of social media, changed everything. And it can change things for you too. Use it to create something for yourself. Please.

Start putting in the work today.

Don’t let the 18 to 34 year olds take all the slices of this pie.

Because you know what you have on them? Years. Years of experience. Youth brings confidence, but you have time. You have the work to show.

I’m desperate to give you the push you need.

Instead of watching Netflix tonight, I want you to make something for yourself. The kids are out of the house, start the candle business you always wanted to start. Download Snapchat and figure it out. Do something that feels new but exciting.

Don’t let this era pass. The upside of entrepreneurship is so huge right now, you will regret it forever if you don’t at least try.

I want to inspire this generation that so deserves it.

Being 40, I feel caught in the middle. I understand the hesitation. I recognize that I had to be insane to pursue the path I did. Today, if a kid is failing classes but can sell a ton of shit on the internet, people say he’s the next Zuckerberg. Not the case when I was a kid. People said I was a fuck up.

So I get it, I do.

But you just have to try.

I’ll say it one last time: I want this to be the push you need.

Got it? Good. Now go make something awesome. You owe it to yourself, and more importantly, you deserve it.

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