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In this episode, I talk about Starbuck’s holiday cups, resumes, and there is a very special video question from MetLife Stadium. You don’t want to miss it, seriously.

RETURN OF THE #QOTD: When is the last time you had to say something out loud that really disappointed you?

1:43 – How would you structure a 2015 CV or resume to stand out and sell yourself? Would you make a video?
3:39 – When giving <span class=”EmojiInput mj663″ title=”Hundred Points Symbol ::100::”></span>how do you not take defeat personally?
5:43 – Do you think Starbucks knew their customers would over react to the design of their cup & did it just for marketing?
7:36 – Once you have an amazing idea, what’s the next step?
10:35 – What have you changed your mind about in the last 6 months?

Jets – 16
Bills – 31