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The Only Way to Fix Broken Company Culture

By September 26, 2014No Comments2 min read

There is only one way to change the culture when it’s broken — Kill leadershipLeadership is in charge of the culture. Everything about the DNA of a business stems from the top. Don’t let the leader, the CEO, the board, whoever it may be, make the excuse that other facets of the business are affecting the culture –Because in the end, THEY are in charge of it all.

So if the culture is broken and you’d like to make it more ‘genuine,’ how do you change it? One answer; You change the top. And if the top owns it because it’s a family business or there’s a new CEO, then you need to get the hell out of there, because the only people that can change the culture are the people from the top.

Everything that happens at VaynerMedia is my fault. Because I empower everybody else to create the culture at my company, the responsibility to build a sustainable culture is entirely on me. If I fail, we fail.

So if the culture at work is deemed broken, you need to address it from the top. You can hack from the middle or even inspire the top, but the top has to make the decision because they’re the ones in charge of the DNA.

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