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Hey everybody. Today’s blog is a recap of my most recent podcast, “A Perspective Shift in the Back of a Car in LA.” This feels big… This is “it.” But first, here’s the context: 

Dustin – who you all love so much from Tea with GaryVee – was with me last Sunday in LA at the CoolKicks x VeeFriends Flex’n Fox event. Afterwards, he jumped in the car and asked me for a recap video. Ironically, when you see it in video form below, I wasn’t even in the mood to do it… but I did – and then I just kind of lost myself in my words and went off for several minutes. 

I have a funny feeling this will be the podcast and video that is referenced quite often… And so, when I see all of you for the next 55 years, let me know if this was “the one”… because I think it might be for many of you. 

I hope it helps ❤️

Takeaways from “A Perspective Shift in the Back of a Car in LA”

For the full podcast, scroll to the end of this blog… but here are some important takeaways.

The ANSWERS are always changing because the QUESTIONS are always changing

The world is just filled with so many different truths, and people’s truths change hour by hour… day by day. For example, there are many people that I just saw in Minnesota back in May that have a different reality right now in late July, just seven weeks later. Maybe somebody got sick, or maybe something popped off in a good way…

And so, everyone’s always looking for answers when the truth is that the answers are always changing and evolving based on the questions – and questions are coming up on a daily basis. 

So, this is not about a tactic, like, “here’s the blueprint, go do this”… This is about a perspective and a sustainable mental framework that allows you to deal with anything and everything.


What people need is a sustainable mental framework that is grounded in gratitude, that is grounded in practical optimism, that is grounded tactically in underpriced attention and opportunities… 

The attention and where you need to put your energy, your output, your content, your information, your music, your art, your ideas, your business development – those will change. But what everyone is in search of and in need of is a sustainable mental framework, and that is what I’m gonna continue to work on.

If you’re able to see the world through the eyes of “attacking hate with love,” through the eyes of “tenacity and work ethic are part of the formula, thus find something you like.. otherwise, you won’t be able to work that hard,” … If you’re able to figure these things out and deploy that mental framework, you’ll win. 

You’re not really “stuck”… You just haven’t figured out the moves to unstick yourself

To me, this concept of people saying, well, I’m stuck, is just actually not true. It’s true, because you think you’re stuck… but the actual world doesn’t think you’re stuck. You just haven’t figured out the moves you have to make to unstick yourself. 

You might have it much more challenging than others – yes. But you’re not “stuck.” 

Why I’m so PASSIONATE about 20 to 30 year-olds

I go so crazy about 20 to 30 year-olds because so many of them don’t have the “handcuffs.” That’s why I’m so passionate about 20-30.  It’s not that I’m less passionate about 50-90, it’s just that 50-90 comes with baggage. It comes with being a little stuck – children, mortgages, debt… 

20 to 30 comes with just opportunity, and you just gotta get the fuck out of the school system and parents’ traditional bullshit points of view. 

Nothing’s binary… it’s fucking PURPLE, motherfuckers

Now, parents have plenty of good points of view, too. This is not binary… Parents are the best; parents are the worst. School’s the best; school’s the worst. I’m the best; I’m the worst. 

Everything is both.

Everybody just wants to be one thing – it’s got to be ALL red or it’s got to be ALL blue. It’s fucking purple, motherfuckers! It’s always purple. Nothing’s binary. 💜

If YOU’VE decided it’s over, then it’s over

What is binary is this: if you are pessimistic and you say you’re stuck, then it’s over. If you’ve decided it’s over, there aint no fucking video, podcast or blog I can make to make you “un-over.” 

Or, there is… which is why I’m motivated to share this with you right now.

The most powerful reason that human beings are the best in the world 

The fact that one human being can say one thing at the right second to another human being that can fundamentally change the process of their life because they have now decided to open up a different perspective and see the world differently is the most intoxicating, powerful reason that human beings are the best in the world… and I will continue to be one small version of a human being.

I definitely think there are tens to hundreds of millions of people who get deep happiness for themselves out of trying to be a communicator to help others. Some do it at the highest level of distribution like me… others do it for just their child. 

Let THIS be the rant that makes you say, “he’s fucking right”

ENOUGH. Let this little rant be the one that makes you go, “he’s fucking right.” Because if you say I’m wrong, nobody’s gonna be able to help you. 

If you think the people who are using fear and negativity to get your attention are right, they’re just selling you darkness and you’re buying it.

This is an inside game

It’s you versus you. It’s you with you. It’s ONLY you and you… and too many of you right now are succumbing to consuming darkness, and that’s your fucking fuck-up. So, take on the accountability and say it’s my job to start being more optimistic and happier, and I’m going to seek out humans and content that does that. 

Get on the mental scale 

Just like when you have to lose 30 pounds, you go on the scale and you’re like, okay, I’m a buck-ninety, I gotta get to 160… let this be the video, let this be the second in your life that you get on the mental scale and say: 

I’m too cynical. 

I’m too scared. 

I’m frightened. 

I’m insecure… which is why all this other bad shit is happening, and I’m ready to do something about it.

And the first thing to do is to cut out the negativity in your life.

I don’t want you to “cancel” negative people. I want you to “cut down” the time you spend with them

Cut the news the fuck out. Cut all the people on your social platforms that are fucking negative. Cut the people in your real life – cut them down. 

You don’t have to “cancel” and completely cut out your mom… You just might be able to talk to her once a month for 5 minutes instead of 3 times a day for 15 and just have her talk negative nonsense to you. 

That’s the biggest issue people have. They hear me and they’re like, “I can’t cut my brother out!” I don’t want you to. I want you to cut down your brother. Limit your brother. If your brother is fucking bringing negativity to you an hour at a time every single day, that is seeping into your soul. 

You know what keeps me happy as fuck? 

I talk to myself more about what I fucked up about than what I’ve accomplished. And let me make it very clear to you… I’m incredibly proud of how big one list is versus the other, and yet…

All my focus goes onto accountability for what I suck at. 

And that doesn’t bring me down – that makes me happy because I take on the accountability and I ask myself, what can I do about it? How do I make it better? Can that be apologizing to somebody… or can that be about changing my behavior? 

It’s often both.

You’re the only one that can change your life 

If you can afford it – therapy. If you can’t afford it – use the free therapy that’s on YouTube and podcasts every fucking day. DO something about it… because one day, you’re gonna wake up and it’s gonna all be over and you’re gonna be dead forever, and you’re gonna regret it. 

It’s time. Change your life because nobody else is gonna change it for you. There will be people that come along that wanna be the assist – I’d love to be the assist. Boy, would I love to be the assist. I’d love to bounce it right down the lane and have you dunk it, but I can’t be the one who scores the points. 

That needs to be you.