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Dwell timing is a big thing I think about when it comes to perspective and pushing harder for optimism overall. One of the most interesting parts of having a practical and optimistic, non-cynical or negative point of view is how long your dwell time and anxious time is on issues. 

I’m practical and very optimistic and very positive, but I’m a human being and I struggle with things every day. The difference is, when your macro perspective is in hope and love and good and warmth versus the reverse – when you’re grounded in security versus insecurity and worrying about judgment – what ends up happening is that you spend less time dwelling.

The shit that hits the fan for me every day (which is a lot, given what I do) sometimes lasts six seconds, six minutes, six hours (if it’s a huge fucking issue), six days if it’s a very big fucking issue. On the other hand, for a lot of people that are the reverse, they’re sitting on a small issue for six years instead of six seconds. They’re sitting on an issue for six months instead of six minutes…

There’s nobody who’s positive and happy and carefree and not anxious every second of the day. What it’s about is how long it sits as an anxious or negative situation. There are people in my family and my organizations that sit on shit, on grudges, on being upset about something literally for six months, but when it comes to my desk or others I’ve seen, it’s really a six-second issue. 

There’s a lot to this concept of working on your “dwell time,” and I hope this helps you or someone you know today!