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If you missed the last blog recap of DailyVee episode 603, it was all about the opening day of VeeCon, which kicked off with the Thursday night welcome party. Today’s blog dives into day 2 – the first full day of the conference – and I’m fired up for you all to learn what went down. Keep reading for a glimpse of how it all happened, from my opening keynote with comedians doing impressions of me, to my favorite part – meeting and taking selfies with as many VeeCon attendees as possible! 

To relive the day in its entirety, check out DailyVee episode 604 at the end of this blog. I hope you enjoy!

VeeCon Day 2 – May 20, 2022

I already knew that day 2 was when shit would really get real… so I closed out night 1 with this PSA advising everyone to get their rest, pace themselves, and show up bright and early for the first official full day: 

After a successful kickoff party, day 2 – for me – was all about over-delivering on value for the thousands of people who decided to attend the conference. As soon as the day started, I was just locked in to a different kind of energy and totally focused on making sure everyone had a great time.

A Look Inside VeeCon

I’m so incredibly grateful for my teams and all the volunteers who helped put this conference together. From the ferris wheel and the flea market to the gaming station, Candy Digital interactive booth and all the panel discussions, everyone was heads-down for months making sure this would be an amazing experience for the community… and I think we got there 🙂

Opening Keynote

Just like that, it was time for my opening keynote speech, which I did with a little help from some… familiar faces 👀 

VeeCon Viper 

I was so humbled by the support of everyone at VeeCon and the entire VeeFriends community… I had to sneak in a special surprise. 

I really wanted to do something extremely special for just the people who were actually at VeeCon – free fractional shares of my original artwork featuring an exclusive, brand new character… VeeCon Viper! 

Meeting more of you!

Once again, the highlight of my day was meeting as many of you as possible, hearing your stories, facetiming your loved ones, and taking selfies. I hope to meet even more of you at VeeCon 2023!

Closing Performance – Wyclef Jean!

Finally, we closed out VeeCon day 2 with an amazing performance by my man, Wyclef Jean. 

DailyVee Ep. 604

Watch the latest episode of DailyVee for more on VeeCon day 2! 

Thank you for reading. If you’re enjoying these recap blogs, let me know with a tweet @garyvee !