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This is the One Thing I Would Teach the World

By December 11, 2014September 4th, 2022No Comments4 min read

One of the reasons I love doing the #AskGaryVee Show so much is that I can drill into detail about how I work and hustle. But that’s not all. It also lets me talk about the personal beliefs that I live by. And I love that.

That’s why this question I got a little while back was so freaking AWESOME: “If you could teach everyone in the world one thing you’ve learned, what would it be?” It got me thinking on a lot of different levels. First thing I noticed? They said teach. That was an important word to me. Sure, there are a lot of good life lessons I’d love everyone to KNOW, but what is really teachable?

The two things I believe in the most are empathy and gratitude. Those will get you so far in life. Always be grateful and kind. BUT I don’t think either of those things are teachable. Self awareness is a close third, also important. But like those other two, I don’t know if you can teach that. It’s got to be discovered. However…there is one thing I can teach, and it was taught to me. You guys ready?

The world is all about depth, and not width.

I need everyone to pay attention and make sure they got that. Depth, not width. Do things and take actions that have more depth than width, and I’ll give you an example of what I mean: a small, meaningful, intentional act will mean MUCH more than a HUGE one that lacks substance.

I’m a big believer in this. I’m paying attention to you all as much as you pay attention to me. I may not be engaging on your posts to the amount you guys do with me, but I’m definitely in there every single day. When I’m not in a meeting or writing or whatever the business hustle of the day is, I’m in a different kind of hustle. Hustling for that depth. I’m favoriting posts, leaving notes, replying to you. Saying hello. It’s those small moments that I like to catch you all in, the little things you say that I remember months later. A tweet may be a small gesture, but I’m guessing it means a lot to you guys.

Sadly, a lot of the social media world is still in the tactics of width. We’re all looking for more likes and shares and Right Hooks. We want more of everything, we want the attention, but then we act like we don’t have the time to give it out. Ever heard of like for like? Share for share? It’s crap. Even my hardcore fans who have read all my books and tell me I’m right don’t execute. They’re not walking the walk.

So this is my call to action for you all. Go deep deep deep DEEP. I’m doing it. I do it everyday. I’m providing value. When you reach out, I’m there. So are you guys gonna be there with me? If someone reaches out to YOU, do you have time for them? Don’t go wide. Go deep.