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What Salespeople Need to Know About Social Media

By February 23, 2015No Comments2 min read

What advice can I give salespeople about social media?

That’s an easy one.

Quite simply: stop being so impatient, and start providing value.

Everybody is trying to close too early. You need to have that patience to set up the sale. Stop throwing the right hook before you’ve thrown any jabs. The tactics and strategies will change depending on how the digital landscape evolves, but one thing will always remain true, and that should be your focus on providing value. Focus on what your consumer wants from you before you focus on what you want from them.

Why am I doing the #AskGaryVee Show? Is it because i missed doing a show? Want to get back to my Wine Library TV roots? No. It’s because I want to provide all of you with that value. I could be regurgitating the same stuff I believe in, the core principles, over and over. Or, I could go to a Q&A format, answer your specific questions so you get answers you can actually use. Things that actually apply to you. Things you’re looking for.

So, for me, here are a couple things you can do to start providing the value. One, understand Facebook dark posts. The segmentation is incredible. Two, Twitter and Twitter search. It’s a listening platform. Go listen to your consumers and potential new customers. You can pull people out one by one.

Now, don’t spam people: be tactical. Keep checking your actions against your core goal which is: provide value upfront. If your actions are lining up with that principle, you’re on the right track. What could that content look like? So many different things. Stories. Free stuff. Entertainment. Don’t just hit up the people who have more followers than you. Talk to everyone.

How many of you are actually doing that?

Bottom line: be tactical, but understand the religion. Provide value upfront. It’s why you’re here, isn’t it?