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Instagram has changed a lot since its first introduction to the public in 2010. The platform is now available across all devices and it’s evolved to compete with up and coming challengers. Today, the User Interface now includes Stories and Reels, which is aimed to rival TikTok and other short-form video platforms. Additionally, there are now more features than ever before to help content creators connect with their audience.


We spoke with Gary Vaynerchuk about Instagram’s new feature, the “Pin” button. Often underutilized but always important, we’ve outlined why pinning Instagram comments is important and how doing so can help content creators grow their brands.

Team Gary: Why is pinning Instagram comments so important?

Gary: Pinning Instagram comments incentivizes thoughtful conversation. As we all know, the comments section can be a gutter of spam and very non additive remarks. But, if the creator is doing a good job of curating the right comments through the pinning, that person is  going to incentivize more people to be thoughtful and add value to the conversation.

[A content creator’s followers] are going to be selfish about wanting to get pinned. [It’s] because [they assume] they’re going to get more followers, metrics, and opportunities for themselves. This makes them better community members and makes [the content creator]’s overall profile a better world. 

Why is pinning comments better than going live with a fan,  or commenting on their followers’ content? Is pinning comments the best option?

I think both are necessary; [Content creators] should do that as well. Pinning comments is an extremely quick, very easy tactic for busy creators. It also allows that [pinned] comment to have the best positioning in the [comments section] because sometimes, even when you reply, it shows up at the top, it’s all over the place…this just guarantees exposure for the comment .

[Exposure] then leads to things–quote, unquote things–for the commenter.  Things like more likes, more followers, more “clout”. There’s a lot of us that just want to be picked by our favorite celebrity or influencer. A lot of us want 50 extra followers in one day, all because we got pinned. I like that,  for the creator, it took two seconds. 

Is that why you think Instagram created the feature? 

Yes, I think Instagram is smart enough to realize healthier more fruitful commenting makes the product better. 

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