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Even though Gary had a same day flight from Qatar, he still found the energy to drop some valuable gems about money and happiness.

Gary pulls through a 14 hour day and hosted an #AskGaryVee with his childhood hero Joe Namath, held a meeting with his company one37pm and…

1:51 Gary tells the story of how his mom knitted him a NY Jets jersey.

3:09 Gary and AJ explain how if the wine industry wasn’t heavily regulated, VaynerMedia wouldn’t exist

4:11 The power of free work and how it builds exposure and leverage

7:56 Money doesn’t change you, it merely exposes who you actually are

11:38 Gary gives an insight about how creating an unusual product can grab attention

13:39 “Watch what I do, not what I say”

14:55 Gary explains the system he has in place to post on IG

17:04 Gary and Dave East meet for a Wine and Pizza Q&A

19:28 Gary answers: “How do you balance between patience and ambition at a young age?

One of the key themes that he brings up is the notion that money simply exposes who you really are to the rest of the world – just like social media does. Most people don’t see the connection of the similarity that money and social media have, even though money is highly valued and social media is heavily demonized.

Watch the full video here:

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