How to Sell to the Average 45-Year-Old Mom

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We’re living through an incredible youthification age. More and more, moms are turning to their daughters for advice on what to buy. If you can reach the influencers, you can reach the audience! It’s all a matter of storytelling.

  • Sports Collectors Daily

    We are doing something very similar now.

  • Richie DeMarco

    Love this!!

  • Greg Hora

    Gary gives the example of starting a “golf interest” page and adding native advertisement in order to drive awareness of a law firm. He makes the argument that the cost of entry is very low. While I would agree that the cost of entry is low, the cost of attention is not. Isn’t this just reverting back to the old publisher/advertiser model? Instead of competing with Golf Digest why not just advertise in Golf Digest? The cost of running an ad in Golf Digest would probably be smaller than developing your own media and driving traffic. I can see delivering this content to the Facebook/Twitter account of the law firm though.

  • bk1234

    Interesting stuff. (Forgive me some slightly critical comments, because I
    love ya gary.) Greg kind of beat me to it, but I’m not sure I agree that cost of entry is “low” to
    compete with actual mutlimillion dollar media companies (golf
    publications, sports networks). Does media need to be as expensive and
    time intensive as most media companies make it out to be? Not
    necessarily. But I don’t think it’s as easy as “throwing together a golf
    website”. I think it’s a strange (and naive) phenomenon that companies (or gurus)
    think they should (and can) create their own media be it TV shows,
    publications, etc. that will actually compete with real media
    companies…on top of the expense, time and resources needed to running
    their actual businesses. It’s a bit like Wine Spectator saying “Hey
    guys, why don’t we just throw together our own online retail wine store
    to compete with Wine Library? It’s easy! We can do that in our spare
    time.” Gary, you’d probably laugh and be very insulted. For example the
    cheese site (and forgive me, i don’t know the details or level of
    ambition) To make it real, viable, filled with fresh, daily, accurate
    content by actual editors, writers, producers, video people,
    photographers in a way that’s going to actually compete with Bon App,
    Gourmet, Martha Stewart and doesn’t look like someone put it together in
    their dorm,…let’s be honest, that’s going to take a hell of a lot of
    work, resources, etc. A media company can’t just throw together an
    e-commerce business no more than a law firm can throw together a real
    golf website. As another example, I think it makes as much sense as
    the creators and producers of Mad Men saying “Hey, instead of
    advertising others’ products…why don’t we invent and sell our OWN
    products…like cars and cologne while still putting together Mad Men.”

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