Questions, Ideas, and Business Plans at Startup Grind NY [1hr Q&A]

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This is a must-watch. First off, they really dig into my “origin” story, and I share a few tidbits that even my most dedicated fans might not know. What follows is probably one of the best conversations I’ve ever had recorded about startups and investing. Go watch now!

  • Marian Gazdik

    What a compliment. Thanks for sharing your story, Gary. Very inspiring.

  • Tom Coleman

    Gary “Hustle” Vaynerchuk. Learned his marketing at 12. It’s all about reading people. 19 months on YouTube nobody cared. Twitter changed his career. This is a great interview.

    • Ramon Ray

      Hustle is SO important….Gary’s story is part of the inspiration for Smart Hustle Magazine! :)

  • gyfooma the dotcomgal

    I love the content oh and I am diggin the hats ,,,, love gyfooma,aka sherry

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