Startups Need to Embrace this Concept. I Drop Bombs at 1:56

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I don’t want a car or a ring. I just want to climb. Look at the start of Wine Library TV. Look at the start of VaynerMedia. Winning is nowhere near as fun as working for the win.

  • Lewis LaLanne – NoteTakingNerd


    I fucking love that mindset! This is a much more resourceful conversation to have with yourself than that of, “IT’S NOT FAIR THAT THEY HAVE MORE RESOURCES AND NOTORIETY THAN I DO.” as I believe most under dogs do.

    I also very much appreciate the premise of “loving the climb”. It reminds me of Tony Robbins interviewing the late Hall of Fame basketball coach John Wooden and Wooden telling Tony that he didn’t miss the tournaments and the championships and all that other celebrations of “winning” but rather he missed THE PRACTICES – the core of what contributed to and supported UCLA’s climb to legendary status.

    Wooden was fond of the Cervantes quote of, “The road is always better than the inn.” I thank you Gary for reminding me of this oh-so important lesson I can never be reminded of too often.

  • gyfooma the dotcomgal

    Killer advice as usual,,,, Im writing the jist of each video,,, thankyou for sharing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,with sincere appreciation, respect I thankyou

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