The Best Way to Build Company Culture

Posted by | May 19, 2014 | Uncategorized | One Comment

For me, the way to instill company culture is through dictatorship. I am the head of HR as much as I’m the CEO. I’m putting in that work now so that in 10 years when VaynerMedia is a 5000 person company, that culture will be strong enough to live on.

  • Chandler Crawford

    I find this video really interesting because one of the really difficult things I deal with as a leader in the Army is the culture. The culture of the Army is run as fast as you can and then take a breather and binge on all the things the Army won’t allow you to do while you’re “working”. It’s created a culture where self indulgence is ok and in some ways it’s the recommended way of rebooting from a tough stretch.

    I have desperately tried to change the outlook of how actions effect the work environment, but I feel like I’m a loan wolf in many capacities and it’s frustrating. I agree totally that culture building is not something that can be changed over night or maybe even changed at all. It has to be built.

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