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I’ve been thinking about something that a lot of people aren’ttalking about: I don’t understand how people don’t realize that they are all the patriarchs of their family. Let me explain. Everybody who is in the, let’s say, 20-40 year old range is putting out so much content through their Facebook posts, their Tweets, and their other pictures, that they are basically starting a foundation of digital content that every generation, I’m talking great- great- great-grandkids, are going to look back at as a starting point. Even with the family that took the most polaroids in the world, there is only so much content they could have ever made. Meanwhileyou have a vast amount of content. Look at me. I did Wine Library TV every day for six years, and those videos are going to be in place for all my children.

So watching the way that people are commenting; their politics, the way they engage, the kind of pictures they’re taking, and the things they’re doing, I’m questioning if you realize how big this thing is. I’m questioning if you realize that everything you say on the internet, every picture you take — and I don’t mean from a “bikini-shot” perspective, I mean like being derogatory to someone else. I mean your thoughts and predictions. All the dumb shit that your grandfather did is lost to history. Everything you’re doing is being documented, and you are putting a stake in the ground for your last name and the heritage of your family. I implore people who read this to think twice. Not from an “is this not right?” perspective, but from a historical, long term point-of-view of how you want to set the tone for your family.

Legacy, my friends, is greater than currency. You are the patriarch (or matriarch) of your family.