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5 Easy Hacks for Platforms You Need to Know

By January 13, 2015No Comments2 min read

I talk a lot about the big guys: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. But what about the other platforms available out there? Here are some of my thoughts on those. Enjoy. 🙂


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To win at Kickstarter, you need to make content around your project and make sure the right people see it. Too many people in our world today will hear “content” and think of an infomercial, or the Home Shopping Network. When I hear content, I think New York Times and Scandal. Get it? I wrote about it here.


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They may come up with some other brilliant idea, and if so, that’s awesome. I’m rooting for everybody all the time. But bottom line is this: they raised money. They’re going to need to make money. So get in now on the ground level while you can. I talked about it here.


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I’m playing in the podcast space with the #AskGaryVee Show, and if you’re smart, you’ll try to get in there too. Even guesting on popular podcasts in your field can have an tremendous ROI. Do it. I talked about it here.


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Reddit has amazing opportunities for brands that want to play in that space. But you have to be super careful. It’s a very tight, very smart community. You better be ready with something awesome. I talked about it here.

Personal websites

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That personal website will be impervious to any changes on other platforms. No more organic reach on Facebook? No problem. Your website is a platform you control and you decide the content output. That is valuable. I talked about it here.