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Depth Vs Width

By January 12, 2015No Comments2 min read

The truth is, I’d rather have three people see my content and buy my stuff, than a hundred people see it and only one person buy it. We’ve become too focused on the math side of things, and the data, but there’s a problem when it becomes too heavy. We need to make sure we’re looking at the right Math and ensure that we’re leveraging it in a smart way — to actually sell stuff!

There’s currently an overestimation on “reach” and awareness and its value in the marketplace. I have this problem currently with my clients who are too focused on the metrics as opposed to focusing on actually selling their products, underlining a major disconnect we’re currently seeing in today’s business world.

At the end of the day, my firm belief is that value will continue to prevail. There may be tips, tools, and tricks to optimize content on social media, but the conscious decision still needs to be made when it comes to optimization versus business objectives.

Sometimes we’re just too focused on the optimization, rather than the heart – the heart of the people that care about me and the heart of why I’m trying to create real engagements of value.

This is part of a Q&A session I did with the students of Cornell Tech Program. For more, check out the playlist here.