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#AskGaryVee Episode 60: Dress Codes, Meditation, & Horrible Wine

By January 13, 2015No Comments3 min read

#STATEMENTOFTHEDAY: I want you guys to reach out to one person that you haven’t spoken to in over a year. I’m serious. And for you over-achievers, try and think of somebody you haven’t spoken to in more than 5 years and give them a call. I want you to comment and let me know who that person is and what happened when you hit them up. You’ll thank me later ūüôā

01:23 – The dress code at VaynerMedia is clearly casual, do you think the dress affects professionalism or performance?
01:50 – Is The #AskGaryVee Show your version of meditation? It seems like it helps you organize your thoughts?
03:15 – When someone gives you a horrible glass of wine, how do you politely get rid of it?
04:53 – What could cause the extinction of the real estate agent as we know it?
08:37 – You give zero expectation of return so you’re never disappointed. That’s really tough. How do you do it?


The brilliance of this show (#humblebrag) is that when people look back and realize what I’ve done (and what I’m doing), they’ll notice I’m creating the base, the foundation, for all the other pieces of content that I’m able to create. If you pay attention you’ll realize that all the content we’re putting out is (for the most part) based on the seed that is the #AskGaryVee show.

Just take a look at the last 6-8 weeks and you’ll see the substantial increase in output we’ve been able to tackle because we’re taking advantage of what this show provides — whether that’s Medium posts, articles, animated GIFs, etc. In essence, the #AskGaryVee is just one giant jab that allows for the further awareness that I’m trying to create with the other pieces of content we’re putting out there. People gravitate to different mediums and different messaging and this show allows us to capitalize on all those needs.

Think about it. We’re putting out this show that is supplied by the questions and thoughts of the fantastic community that is #VaynerNation. This show is the foundation to what has become the latest stage of my personal brand. Not only can I create this show that provides a lot value to a number of people but it also provides me the leverage to create other pieces of content consumed by people that may not otherwise hear my messaging.